Barbara started her career as a solo singer in the UK performing in the clubs and holiday camps all across the UK. In 2000 she moved to Johannesburg where she joined a 4-piece group called ‘Sugar and Spice’, which performed all over South Africa, entertaining the clubs, pubs and festivals with their high energy show.  After an year of touring with the band she decided to continue with her solo career. Barbara’s passion lies with country crossover music, but she is extremely versatile and has a repertoire which ranges from Rock, to Reggae, to Jazz and Pop.

Barbara enjoys a challenge, so in 2008 she moved back to England to join a Meatloaf Tribute act, and after 2 years of Meatloaf she did another spin and started a Soul and Motown Tribute act. Whilst in England Barbara had the opportunity to work alongside several of the “Britain’s got Talent” and “X-Factor” top 20 stars.

Barbara has recently joined forces with one of our best loved and busiest Cape Town artists Francois Du Plessis to form the duo Dynasity, with Francois’ tremendous stage presence and versatility and Barbara’s flawless voice and stage presence, this dynamic duo can rock any stage.

E-mail Barbara: bookings@barbaralindesay.co.za
Contact Number: 076 3136856